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Stages of Block Play

Stage 1: Exploring (Ages 1-3)

Toddlers love to explore the properties of blocks by touching, holding, carrying, moving, and dropping blocks. 

Stage 2: Building Rows and Towers (Ages 2-4)

Children in this stage will line up their blocks and stack them. 

Stage 3: Building Bridges (Ages 3-4)

Children in this stage will begin to form spaces in between blocks to make bridges. They begin to use simple patterns, gradually moving toward more complex patterns.

Stage 4: Building Enclosures (Age 4)

Children in this stage begin enclosing spaces between blocks and begin constructing stacked enclosures. They can add a storyline and incorporate other materials, such as people, animals, signs and loose parts.

Stage 5: Adding Symmetry and Detail (Ages 4-5)

Children's structures in this stage include balance and symmetry. They often decorate with patterns and can sort and match shapes and sizes, finding equivalent blocks that are the same and noticing differences amongst them. 

Stage 6: Planning and Building Elaborate Structures (Ages 5 and up)

Children in this age group can either work individually or cooperatively to build elaborate structures. They may use a variety of different materials while creatively using their imagination to role play. They can revise their plans and assign roles to other builders. 

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