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My name is Michelle and I have been an educator for ten years. I spent six of those fun-filled years teaching Kindergarten. The idea to start creating these block sets was inspired by the little architectures in my class. I would watch them day after day build such creative structures in our block area. I would challenge them and collaboratively brainstorm ways we could add to what they created. They loved making signs and labelling what they had made as well as decorating each block with jewels and other materials they would find around the room. The rule in my class was anything that was constructed could stay for the entire week as long as it had a 'do not break' sign visible for others to see. This gave them a chance to revisit, reflect and rethink their creations. On Fridays we would put the blocks back on the shelves, so that our classroom could be thoroughly cleaned and to give other children an opportunity to initiate block building who may not have had the chance to the previous week. 


After building a Mud Kitchen for our outdoor area and launching my first business, Kreative Kitchenz, I was constantly inclined to repurpose materials such as sinks that people were throwing away. Naturally, I was going through a lot of wood and the pieces I would have otherwise donated to a fire came in handy. I decided to cut the wood into pieces, sanded and sealed them to make my first natural set. I then played around with colour schemes and came out with the ombre coloured heart shaped blocks. I wanted to offer something unique, that you could not find in the stores.  


I am a strong advocate for block play. I believe the many components that stimulate learning and the lessons learned in block play are fundamental to the growth and development  of children. It is an activity that I feel should be a part of every child's experience throughout their early years. Not only are the possibilities of building endless but they also support a multiple range of ages and skill sets. I am thrilled to be offering something I am so passionate about. If there are any special requests, please feel free to ask! 

With Love,



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